Thoughts of a Training/Behavior Coach


Welcome, Freckles!

I have a furry new nephew! My brother Scott and his wife Autumn just got a new puppy! They were traveling in Europe when they emailed me asking for potty training issues. I answered them thinking that the puppy was with them and they were dealing with hotel suites, but that turned out not to be the case (Freckles was safe back home with another favorite aunty). Still, knowing that Scott and Autumn love to travel, I envision them taking this little guy with them everywhere. But…having not met the little rascal yet, I currently don’t know whether he’s a candidate for all that […]

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Teach Your Dog to Wait at the Door

Many of us have dogs who are so excited to go outside they dance all around and then burst through the door when it opens. Of course, this causes the dog’s owner great frustration in that the dog simply cannot listen to them. That is due, in part, because indeed, the act of going outside is just the most exciting thing in the moment. Still, a little impulse control can go a long way toward building your relationship with your dog as well as helping you keep your own sanity and patience in check. By using a reward that is more immediate and of […]

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