Thoughts of a Training/Behavior Coach


Yummy Training Treats

Nowadays, there are almost as many brands of treats and goodies for dogs as there are for humans. And why not? Our dogs have different tastes in foods, when given the choice, and what one dog may love, another might not even like a little bit. And in the same way  a young man might prefer one candy bar over another, treats also can have differing values to a dog (as in, he likes cheese, but he LOVES bacon). Further, I love to mix up training treats for my dogs because I think they probably can tire of any one treat given repeatedly.  One last […]

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Dogs Drinking While Driving

My dogs and I travel a lot and they spend hours in the car, making it their own den away from home.  You may also be one of the many people who loves to have their dogs with them as much as possible, and of course, most dogs love being in the car. Unfortunately,  a lot of dogs don’t get to drink water while they’re in the car, even as their owners are sipping a caramel machiatto or sweet iced tea.  But remember, everyone needs to hydrate.  Your dogs don’t sweat the same way as humans; they cool their bodies mainly by panting, which dries […]

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Ping-Pong Pup: Training Reliable Recall

Ping-Pong Pup Training the basic reliable recall with your dog – getting him to come to you every time, whether he’s a very young puppy or a rescued older dog, all starts with your dog learning his name and that it really pays to come when called.  And if teaching your dog his name becomes a game, everyone has fun learning. This game requires 2 or more players, plus one dog!  It’s a really fun game to play during commercial breaks when the family is sitting around watching TV and the game takes about the same amount of time as watching an hour long […]

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